Manfrotto Tripod for Canon S90?

I had an email today asking about which tripod I’ve been using with my Canon S90.

I’ve been using the Manfrotto 718B tripod. In my experience, it’s a perfect tripod for the S90!

Amazon’s currently selling a replacement for the 718B tripod: Manfrotto 7321YB M-Y Tripod with 3-Way Head – Replaces 718B.

2 Replies to “Manfrotto Tripod for Canon S90?”

  1. Why would you use a full-size tripod with a compact camera? It kind of defeats the purpose, you might as well get an entry-level DSLR, still relatively light but with significantly better performance.
    The tripod I keep on my compact (Fuji GF1) is a Manfrotto Modo Pocket. You just screw it onto the camera’s base, it folds away and is entirely unobtrusive until you need it.
    Another good ultra-portable tripod is the Novoflex Mikrostativ.
    Both are available at Palo Alto’s Keeble & Shuchat, BTW.

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