HDR Photography Photography - Canon PowerShot S90

Canon PowerShot S90 HDR – Continues to Amaze!

I’ve continued to be very pleased with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos I’ve taken using my relatively new Canon PowerShot S90 camera. See my Canon S90 HDR Flickr set for some recent examples of some of the photos that I’ve been shooting!

Golden Gate Bridge - 2010

For my S90 HDR shooting, I’ve been using a lightweight Manfrotto tripod that, frankly, I was about to get rid of because it’s just not substantial enough to support my Canon 5D Mark II. But, as it turns out, this tripod is absolutely perfect for shooting with the Canon S90! I’ve been getting a bit of a kick out of walking around with this tripod – with this little tiny camera mounted on it!

If you’re looking for an entry-level digital camera that shoots RAW, includes auto-bracketing suitable for HDR, and almost disappears in your hands, be sure to checkout the S90 – it’s an awful lot of digital camera in a tiny package – and continues to amaze me!

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