Bidding My Canon 40D Adieu

Earlier this year, I upgraded my photography kit to a Canon 5D Mark II. Today, I sold my Canon 40D to, as it turns out, another local Menlo Park photographer. Small world, indeed!

Tonight, I’m feeling a few pangs of seller remorse about letting go of my 40D.

I’ve owned three different Canon DSLR’s – a 30D that was my original reintroduction to SLR photography in the digital world. The 30D was a great reintroduction for me. But, if the 30D had any failings, it was sensor dust – at least for me.

The 40D came along with a built-in sensor cleaning system – and I upgraded and sold the 30D. I loved this new camera – the combination of its smaller sensor, built-in sensor cleaning, and its high-speed shooting (perfect for my favorite handheld HDR photos). I most recently used the 40D with my long lens at the Blue Angels airshow in Salinas a few weeks ago.

My new Canon 5D Mark II is great – it’s an amazing camera. But I’ll aways have a sweet spot for my 40D – a great camera with a wonderful sensor, great features, and a light touch. We shared some great shots – and memories – together. I’m sure the new owner will enjoy my 40D as much as I did!

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