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Eating Crow!

OK, time to fess up and eat some crow…iPhone crow.

Two weeks ago I penned a post about how the iPhone 3GS was the iPhone I really wanted – but wasn’t going to get because of AT&T’s then-current approach to subsidizing iPhone purchases.

At that time, I wrote: “I’ll most likely be skipping an iPhone 3GS upgrade this cycle – and just living with my 3G until June 2010 when my current bondage to AT&T is exhausted and complete.”

Turns out that AT&T listened – and adjusted. Thank you!

Through a combination of determining the qualified date based upon total payments to AT&T (e.g., family plan, data plan, text plan, etc) and an accommodation they made to accelerate upcoming qualification dates to being qualified now, I was able to suddenly qualify for the iPhone 3GS at the fully subsidized price – in my case $299 for the 32 GB model. I picked one up today at the Apple Store at Stanford and have been enjoying its much improved speed and responsiveness, the new camera (with video!) and Voice Control!

What am I offered for a “mint” 16GB iPhone 3G that has suddenly become surplus gear?

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