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A Lovely Sunday Evening at Madera

Rosewood Sand Hill-19Apr2009.jpg

Last night, we had dinner along with our friends and Linda Gulker at the Madera restaurant at the Rosewood Sand Hill hotel. It was an unusually warm day Sunday – with a bright blue sky off to the west, cooling down a bit as the sun went down. The photo above – taken after dinner – shows the hotel lobby from the main entrance – looking northwest.

Just a stone’s throw from our home (we drove of course – very hot day!), this new hotel and restaurant – a big construction project over the last year plus – turned out beautifully.

Dinner was great – we got there a bit early and enjoyed a drink in the bar which has a seamless open wall to the deck outside. The photo below (taken flat on the smooth finish of the bar – with my iPhone) shows the view to the west of the Santa Cruz mountains.

Rosewood Sand Hill - Bar View - 19Apr2009.JPG

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All the kids in our family cut their teeth on the “heel” of Larraburu sour dough long loaves. After school our mothers would give us a treat of a paste made of powdered chocolate and water spread on a slice of sour dough, a French tradition. The closest sour dough bread I have found to Larraburu is from a bakery in Carmichael/Sacramento called “The Grateful Bread”. They have a huge following from the restaurants in the valley.
When I heard Larraburu was going out of business many years ago, I saved the three kinds of paper wrappers and had them framed for my kitchen wall. Ah, sweet memories.

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