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A Market Bottom?

Have we just experienced the stock market’s bottom? Or, is there more to come?

The psychology of all of this is interesting. Earlier today, I actually bought a few stocks – financials (which, unfortunately, I tend to know the most about).

Last night, I watched a replay of Warren Buffett’s comments on CNBC’s Squawk Box from early in the day on Monday. Then, I watched Charlie Rose’s interview of Barton Biggs. Did both of them swing me too much to the positive? Time will tell.

Let’s hope the rumors about the uptick rule being reinstated along with a resolution of the mark-to-market issue are right. Otherwise, today’s gains could evaporate yet again.

One reply on “A Market Bottom?”

Scott, didn’t realize you managed your own portfolio. I have been in and out of financials, FAS/FAZ (3x ETFs), etc. with an eye on streaming charts and my finger on the sell button. Luckily, I picked up some JPM just before market close yesterday, and it gapped up handsomely today. Not all goes that well, but you get lucky sometimes. This market has turned me from an investor to a day/swing trader….the only way you can make anything right now!!

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