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Deeply Disappointing!

Earlier today, I was struck (and briefly posted to Twitter about) the juxtaposition between Peggy Noonan’s article about the Marines doing things right regarding their investigation and subsequent actions taken following last December’s F-18 crash in San Diego and yesterday’s Senate Banking Committee hearing at which Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Donald Kohn declined to identify the AIG counter-parties who benefited from the Federal government’s bailout of AIG.

In a Senate Banking Committee hearing in Washington on Thursday, Fed Vice Chairman Donald Kohn declined to identify AIG’s trading partners. He said doing so would make people wary of doing business with AIG.

Frankly, who cares – at this point – about whether anyone is “wary of doing business with AIG”?

After getting so agitated about it, I used the Fed’s website to send an email message to the Board – I suspect my email is just one of thousands they’re receiving and, unfortunately, likely mostly not reading.

Anyway, tonight’s Wall St. Journal headline from tomorrow’s edition “Top U.S., European Banks Got $50 Billion in AIG Aid” just confirms my worst fears.

This is nonsense. Sheer nonsense. Come on, Mr. Kohn, let the sun shine in!

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