Confused: Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed

Frankly, I’m a bit confused. Confused between Facebook, FriendFeed, and Twitter – and my status updates.

At the moment, I’ve got FriendFeed posting updates to my Twitter account – but I have left Facebook out of that loop. I had Facebook included for a while but it seemed to me that the Twitter/FriendFeed updates were just a bit too much for Facebook.

[Update 2/16/09] In thinking more about this while driving to work this morning, I think the reason I’m confused is that I’m using these three tools for different things:

  • Facebook – for staying in touch with friends. Short, “what am I doing” status updates make sense in that environment. What doesn’t make sense is having those status updates propagated out to Twitter and FriendFeed.
  • Twitter – for tuning into what other folks are finding interesting, not what they’re doing. On Twitter, you find little nuggets of learning that you’d otherwise miss.
  • FriendFeed – similar to Twitter but in a more organized, conversational way. I’m also finding FriendFeed’s rooms feature to be very valuable professionally. I’ve got several rooms setup on different subjects that I follow – and find them very useful for tracking news of interest.

So, that’s it – there’s a basic difference between “what I’m doing” (Facebook) vs. “what I’m finding” (Twitter/FriendFeed). So, for me, it makes sense that my Twitter and FriendFeed status updates are interconnected – but it doesn’t make sense for my Facebook status updates to feed into them.

Oh well – life is hard in 2009 – too many social networks to maintain! 😉

Meanwhile, here’s my current Twitter mosaic:

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