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Simple is Best

Over the weekend, I said I was going to try a revised setup/workflow on my MacBook Pro.

After giving it a try for a few days, I decided that simple is best – and have gone back from multiple site-specific Fluid browsers to running a single version of Webkit (Safari) instead.

Why? Turns out that running a half dozen Fluid browsers consumed more CPU cycles that I expected – driving up the fans on my MacBook Pro. It also turned out that old habits die hard – I found it easier to switch between browser tabs using the old browser setup.

So, we’re back to the old setup – and happy again!

One reply on “Simple is Best”

I can’t agree more about Fluid. It take too much extra screen real-estate and creates more clutter in my Dock. I find myself navigating so many windows rather than just switching tabs. It’s my casual use of using mobile safari on an iPad that made me realize this, actually, given that you are forced to concentrate on one Application at a time.

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