I see that today’s closing at TED featured Jamie Cullum (he’s on Twitter!) playing John Lennon’s Imagine. A very powerful song for a very big event.

I couldn’t find that cut in iTunes – but it did cause me to browse many of the other 150+ artists who have recorded Lennon’s amazing song and are available on iTunes.

A couple of new found favorites: Chalice (doing a delightful Reggae version), the late Eva Cassidy (doing an acoustic version with her “goes right through you voice” – wow!), and Madonna with a live, very electric version – chills included!

Be sure to read more about Eva Cassidy – she died in 1996 from melanoma. Listening to her performance of Imagine was the first time I’d heard her amazing voice! Whew, takes your breath away. (For a real treat, listen to Cassidy’s True Colors while watching the iTunes Visualizer!)

Picture 3.png

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