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The Pelosi Problem

I couldn’t agree more with Peggy Noonan:

One senses in a new way the disaster that is Nancy Pelosi … her public comments are often quite mad — we’re losing 500 million jobs a month … — and in a crisis demanding of creativity, depth and the long view, she seems more than ever a mere ward heeler, a hack, a pol. She’s not big enough for the age, is she? She’s not up to it.

Even Pelosi’s hometown paper wonders. Time to move on…

And, don’t get me started about Harry Reid. Jeez…

2 replies on “The Pelosi Problem”

Yeah, Pelosi and Reid have failed in every dimension. They are an embarrassment to Democrats and Americans. Add Feinstein in there. She represents Democratic values as much as Joe Lieberman.
These people are so out of touch with reality that they should be impeached (unfortunately this is true for most of Washington including the press core).
Its great we got rid of the criminals of the Bush Administration, but now we have to get rid of the incompetents of the Democrats.

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