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Scharffen Berger Chocolates Berkeley Plant Closure

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory - Berkeley, California - Photo by Scott LoftesnessSome sad news today about two local specialty food businesses – acquired by a big corporate parent a couple of years ago – and now the local facilities are being shuttered.

In an article titled “Scharffen Berger, Schmidt plants to be closed“, Victoria Colliver wrote today for the San Francisco Chronicle that Hershey plans to shutter the Sharffen Berger plant on Fourth St. in Berkeley and the Joseph Schmidt factory in San Francisco.

Hershey already makes the majority of its Scharffen Berger products in its newly upgraded plant in Robinson, Ill., said spokesman Kirk Saville from the chocolate giant’s headquarters in Hershey, Pa. He said the plant closures will affect a total of about 150 employees from both facilities.

The big corporate wheel goes round and round. Sigh. End of another era.

[The photo above is from (and brings back memories of) a delightful family outing we had in April 2005 touring the plant, smelling that amazing cocoa/chocolate aroma, and tasting free samples! Oh, and the Café Cacao lunch we had at the end was pretty great too!]

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