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Let’s Roll!

officialportrait.jpgCarol Coye Benson and I were scheduled to begin teaching one of our Glenbrook Payments Boot Camps in Santa Clara today. Amazingly (!), when we scheduled this two-day session, we were oblivious to the fact that today was going to be Inauguration Day! (Duh!)

So, we adjusted – postponing the start of our payments education to watch on the big screen – along with the boot camp attendees – this morning’s inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama.

Watching the event with the group and listening to Obama’s speech was really great – a wonderful way to share the start of this special day/term/future for America!

Be sure the checkout the new website!

And, Tom Friedman’s “Radical in the White House” column!

We can’t thrive as a country any longer by coasting on our reputation, by postponing solutions to every big problem that might involve some pain and by telling ourselves that dramatic new initiatives — like a gasoline tax, national health care or banking reform — are too hard or “off the table.”

So my most fervent hope about President Obama is that he will be as radical as this moment — that he will put everything on the table.

I share that same hope. Let’s roll!

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