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David Pogue’s Digital Photography: The Missing Manual

David Pogue is out with a new book in his Missing Manual series on the subject of digital photography titled “David Pogue’s Digital Photography: The Missing Manual“.

See Mary Rotman’s post on the O’Reilly FYI site about David Pogue’s “Top Ten Tips of All Time” for Digital Photography. In this post, she lists the first five of ten tips that Pogue offers in the Appendix to the book.

Based on my review of the book, the best chapter is Chapter 6 – How They Did That. In this chapter, Pogue takes a look at over twenty different techniques used to capture unique shots with a digital camera. They include the Silky Brook, the Stunning Landscape, and the Not-Boring Vacation Shot. This chapter, with its how-to instructions for these shots, is very useful!

Other sections include The Camera, The Shoot, The Lab and The Audience. All in all, Pogue’s written a good, single-book, helpful how-to on digital photography.

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