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Learning about Startups

Here in the heart of Silicon Valley, startups are part of the day to day evolution of business. In my consulting practice, we’re fortunate to meet with entrepreneurs regularly as they test out their ideas on grey beards like me (beware of my “tyranny of the experts” rant!)

Two good friends of mine are in the midst of pursuing new startups – one (Paul Rosenfeld) as an entrepreneur building a mobile marketing company called FanMinder. The other (Marty Zwilling) is building a consultancy called Startup Professionals that works with entrepreneurs and helps them move more quickly to success.

I first met Paul several years ago while he was at Intuit. Marty and I worked together many years ago at IBM and, more recently, at First Data. Both Paul and Marty are now actively blogging about their startup experiences – and it’s been fun for me to read and learn from their writings.

2 replies on “Learning about Startups”

Thanks for the mention in your blog. I’m definitely having fun – learning as well as hopefully helping some startups avoid some pitfalls we have both seen too many times. Best of luck in all your ventures and adventures as well!

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