Enjoying Derrick Story’s Photography Podcasts

As an aspiring photographer, I’ve been seeking out useful places to learn techniques and have been especially impressed with the work of Derrick Story.

I’ve read a lot of Derrick’s O’Reilly posts over the years – but, in particular, over the last couple of months I’ve come to really enjoy his weekly Digital Story podcasts (available by subscription in iTunes). I frequently listen to his podcasts on the weekend while I wander the Stanford campus with Lily and my iPhone.

Derrick has a direct, straightforward style that makes a great listen – and I always come away with new ideas and insights. Highly recommended!

One reply on “Enjoying Derrick Story’s Photography Podcasts”

Hi Scott,
Thanks for forwarding my message to your wife. I spent a little time on your blog and your flickr account. I see that you’re staying out of trouble. Thanks for the tip on Derrick O’Reilly’s podcast; I just subscribed. I’m looking forward to listening to it on my next walk.

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