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Poor MobileMe

Walt Mossberg is out with his initial verdict on Apple’s new MobileMe service – and it’s not pretty.

My own personal experience (without an iPhone but using my iPod touch) has been similarly frustrating. I’ve not been trying to sync cross-platform – just among my primary MacBook Pro and the iPod touch – along with wanting to see everything in the new MobileMe web applications.

Things seem to be getting better day by day – but the whole experience has been very disappointing. Walt’s right: “If Apple does get MobileMe working smoothly, it could be a terrific service. But it’s way too ragged now.”

2 replies on “Poor MobileMe”

A quick January 2009 update – MobileMe has been working flawlessly for me for the last couple of months. Clearly, Apple’s gotten it together nicely.
Now, I’m waiting for a “MobileUs” service – to share among a small group of friends/co-workers!

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