Honda Civic Hybrid

Every Trip Is a Race for Fuel Efficiency

The Washington Post has an article in today’s edition by Michael S. Rosenwald titled “For Hybrid Drivers, Every Trip Is a Race for Fuel Efficiency“. Wow, that’s so true.

I’ve blogged before about my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid – which life to date has average a bit over 43 miles per gallon. On the Honda, there are two trip odometers/mileage gauges – one I use for the current tank and reset every fill-up. The other hasn’t been reset “since birth” – and that’s the one showing 43 mpg.

My Honda Hybrid also shows real-time mileage along with boost/charge from/to the batteries. Does make for careful (and fuel efficient) driving – if you’re watching your mileage!

One reply on “Every Trip Is a Race for Fuel Efficiency”

I, too, have two MPG gauges, and have also not reset one since I got the car new. But mine is a 2006 Mini Cooper S, and I have had it here in Germany and on the autobahns since NOV 06.
I recently posted a comment on a Mini site, asking other folks with the same series Mini (R53) to comment on the fast that I had averaged just over 23 MPG, while doing things like driving 100 miles in an hour, thrashing the car on the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring, winding it out to the red line in 6th gear, doing 1000 miles on a trip through the Alps, etc.
Sadly, my mileage was better than a lot of folks who just drive to work every day in the US. Maybe sad isn’t the right word — I’m pretty sure I’m not suppose to feel super about helping the environment by driving like a bat out of hell on the autobahn.

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