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Thinking About Fat Smokers

For the last almost seven years, I’ve been a partner in a professional services firm – Glenbrook Partners. We do strategy consulting for a wide range of clients involved in some aspect of electronic payments. We also teach – and learn a lot from our teaching!

Many years ago – when I was literally dreaming of working for my own firm – I bought David Maister‘s book “Managing the Professional Service Firm“. So much to learn, so much to think about applying.


Sometime in the last few months, I became aware that Maister had a very active online presence – and that he would soon be publishing a new book titled “Strategy and the Fat Smoker“.

That title intrigued me – how could you walk by that book on a counter in a bookstore and not pick it up? As it turns out, Maister’s the “fat smoker” and the book is about, among other things, how you get from knowing you should take action (e.g., as an overweight, one pack a day smoker) to actually doing something about it.

For those of us who work in a professional services practice, Maister’s a great teacher who brings us back to what’s really important: relationships, relationships, and relationships! As contrasted to just doing projects.

Highly Recommended!

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