Castle Air Museum

B-36 at Castle Air Museum, Atwater, California

I took a Sunday drive today over to Castle Air Museum in Atwater, California – just a few miles northwest of Merced on the old Castle Air Force Base property (photos here).

I especially enjoyed the layout of the museum – the airplanes are displayed in a park-like setting so that you’re not walking on a massive tarmac apron but, rather, strolling on paths through the park.

For aviation buffs, the museum has a delightful outdoor collection of World War II and later aircraft – including a B-36, a B-47 and a B-52. Highly recommended!

One reply on “Castle Air Museum”

Scott: Those are some awesome airplanes. I may have to get out there to see them. My wife and I just went over to Moffet to see the B-17, B-24, and B-25 that flew in (they were selling rides too). Here’s a short movie made from my photos:
We also went up to the Seattle Museum of Flight last year. Unbelievably cool. Here’s a movie:

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