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Dedicated to God

With the humble dedication “Dedicated to God”, Steve Heimoff begins his excellent book “A Wine Journey along the Russian River“. Heimoff pours himself into this book – opening nooks and crannies about the Russian River and the winemakers who ply its banks.

“Understanding Pinot Noir” might be the best subtitle to Heimoff’s work – as he explores its evolution in the hands of Rochioli, Davis Bynum, Gary Farrell and others to new heights – and, then, questions a shift he detects over the last few years.

My reading of Heimoff’s book happened to coincide with a recent tasting of Navarro’s 2004 Zinfandel – the “old wine” he writes about. Too bad he doesn’t spend more time in the Anderson Valley (Mendocino County) exploring Navarro and Edmeades! Those old vine Zin’s are just amazing!

If you’d like to travel the Westside Road and explore the Middle Reach, let Heimoff be your guide!

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