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Economy of Abundance

David Hornik’s got a great post on his blog this morning about “the economy of abundance“. Seems to me globalization is a huge driver of enabling this economy.

That is the overriding attitude of the Economy of Abundance — don’t do one thing, do it all; don’t sell one piece of content, sell it all; don’t store one piece of data, store it all. The Economy of Abundance is about doing everything and throwing away the stuff that doesn’t work. In the Economy of Abundance you can have it all.

…the idea of the Economy of Abundance is not prescriptive. It does not tell you how to run your business. But it points to another significant force at work in the new economy and suggests that entrepreneurs should think creatively about how their businesses might be transformed by utilizing abundant resources in a disruptive way.

One reply on “Economy of Abundance”

Hey Scott. It’s been too long. Since leaving Zero-Knowledge (or Radialpoint as we switched the name) I’ve been thinking a lot about economics of abundance.
Traditionally they have always been associated with gift economies. I believe that there are a lot of examples of gift economies operating today (Mashups, open source, Creative Commons, Flickr etc.) and that we have only begun to scratch the surface of the power of communities engaged in the abundant behaviour of sharing. (Bandwidth = P2P, Money=Community based P2P Microfinance)
To explore some of our ideas on the power of gift economies, we are doing a little experiment. We are hosting the Million Dollar Blog Post where we are going to have $1 donated to charity for every wish for the world left as a comment or blog post that links to the blog.
I would love your thoughts on the project and to have you be involved in spreading the word.

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