Something Especially Beautiful

Today, while working in my office, I had Music Choice’s Soundscapes channel on in the background when the most beautiful solo guitar piece started playing…one of those songs that just makes you stop what you’re doing in your tracks and listen.

I’ve started going to Amazon to look for used CD’s when I hear something I like – the used CD’s are cheaper than iTunes. I looked up the artist and read the description…

“The ice machine in my refrigerator broke. I called a service technician to fix it. He showed up at my house and began working on the problem while I proceeded to work on my music. When he was finished, he came to my studio (that was in a bedroom no bigger than a closet) to present the bill to me. He noticed that I had an acoustic guitar in the corner. He told me he was a guitar player. I asked him, somewhat cynically, if he’d like to play my guitar. He paused for a moment, looked me in the eyes, answered ‘yes’ in a whisper, then picked up the guitar, sat on the floor and began to play.”…

Read more of it online – it gets even better. Tony Sandate’s Simple Song on the album Sunset Meditation is truly a sheer delight. I both bought it on iTunes and as well as a used CD on Amazon!

One reply on “Something Especially Beautiful”

I have quite a large collection of fingerstyle guitar solo CDs — I’ll try to compile a list for you of my favorites (I’m in the midst of reripping my CD collection so I can’t send it to you right now).
One CD you should check out is Don Ross’s “Passion Session” CD. I also like Kaki King’s first two albums, but I think she is an aquired taste.

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