Faux Travel

It seems that I’ve gotten to that age where travel has become more of a hassle than an enjoyment. I think this is one of those diseases of the mind that builds up on you over time – sort of like type 2 diabetes. If you overindulge – particularly on business travel – you reach some saturation point where it’s just not much fun anymore. Today’s airlines add to those frustrations, especially for big folks like me.

That being said, one of my favorite pastimes has become reading travel writing. I suppose it’s just the physical replacement of all of those hassles of travel with the distilled essence of a place as seen through a talented writer’s eyes. Anyway, it’s satisfying – even if it doesn’t stimulate me to run off and pack my bags to head for the place.

Maybe another factor is living in the San Francisco Bay Area where there’s simply less need to get away. Today’s New York Times Travel section has one of their weekly features about a place – this week it’s a nice summary of what to see and do in San Francisco – a gentle reminder of how much we have right here only 30 minutes away.

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