Verizon Wireless, Kyocera KPC650 Card – Best Practices

A friend asked me about “best practices” for using the Kyocera KPC650 PC EVDO Card (via Verizon Wireless) on my 15-inch Powerbook. Here’s what I replied…

Do you have the latest version of the VZAccess Manager? Mine is 2.0.0. You can download the latest version here:

I’ve found that the Check for Upgrades menu option in the VZAccess Manager doesn’t seem to tell me about actual upgrades.

Before you pull the PC card out, you should Quit the VZAccess Manager and then also power off the card. In your top menu bar you’ll see a little card icon. Pull down on that and you’ll see a selection to power off the PC card. Once selected, the light on the KPC650 card should go out – you’re then good to go to remove it.

The PC Card pushbutton on my Powerbook has to be “popped” so it comes out, then pulled all the way out before pushing it back in to pop the card.

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