From Below

Jason Fried of 37signals writes about Google’s recent acquisition of Writely.

Reading his post, I’m struck by how well it highlights one of the classic aspects of Clayton Christensen’s mantra about “entering from below.”

The reality is that most of us are hugely over-served by the Office suite software that’s been provided to us. We simply don’t need the feature bloat functionality that were the primary upgrade drivers when Microsoft was rev’ving the product every 18 months or so.

This creates the opportunity – provide something that is a better match (ironically, with less functionality) to what we all want to use everyday. We’ll use it like crazy and Google will monetize our attention on the pages it uses to serve up our stuff.

Henry Blodget muses on the same subject – but seems like he misses the point. The next Office upgrade cycle will be fascinating to watch.

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