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BillMonkChuck Groom and Gaurav Oberoi, Code Monks and co-founders of BillMonk, stopped by Glenbrook World HQ yesterday for a get acquainted session. It always fun for me to meet new entrepreneurs and to hear from them all of the things they’re learning as they ramp their business.

After reading about them as “Startup of the Week” on John Cook’s blog, I had blogged about them over on Payments News (where it was the most read story this month!) Mike Arrington’s TechCrunch post about BillMonk a week ago really helped raise their visibility on the web. Talking to Chuck and Gaurav, it was especially interesting to hear how they’ve been hearing from new BillMonk aficionados from literally around the world and, particularly and a bit surprisingly to them, in Europe.

We also talked a bit about web technology, in particular, how scripting languages – particularly Ruby – are so super important to new web startups these days. Big banks haven’t yet tuned into languages like Ruby and frameworks like Rails but I suspect it won’t be long before a corner turn begins.

I wish Chuck and Gaurav all the best as they pursue their dreams with BillMonk! They exude that energy and excitement that always makes it so much fun to work with entrepreneurs. Follow their progress on the Notes from the Bill Monk blog.

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