Ben Casnocha’s Review of Steve Coll’s Ghost Wars

Steve Coll is one of my favorite writers and his Pulitzer Prize-winning book “Ghost Wars” (about the time up to September 10, 2001) is a great read. Blogger Ben Casnocha has written an in-depth review of Ghost Wars that’s worth reading.

Also worth watching is a one hour interview of Coll at the Institute of International Studies at UC Berkeley last March. There’s also a podcast version of the interview available.

On another note, Coll and author Peter Bergen (whose new book “The Osama Bin Laden I know” has just been published) spoke last week at a New America Foundation event. Unfortunately, the Foundation’s site appears to be down – but here’s the link to their talk. Well worth a listen.

Richard Clarke reviews Bergen’s new Bin Laden book for tomorrow’s Washington Post.

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