Start of Year 5

I started this particular vintage of my personal weblog four years ago today. I’ve had a personal website much longer than that — the first evidence that Alexa has on us was dated 10/19/98. Almost a year later, the site had taken initial form — edited at the time using Microsoft FrontPage.

Four years ago when I was moving from FrontPage to a true weblog, the blogging tool I used (before it was even called blogging!) was Radio Userland. In july 2003, I migrated the site to using SixApart’s TypePad service which is where it’s resided ever since. I’m an avid fan of MarsEdit on the Mac for all of the writing I do both here and over on Payments News.

It’s fun to go back through my archives and see what I was thinking and writing about one, two, or three years ago. Amazing stuff!

Last year, for example, there’s a post mentioning Tom Stienstra’s favorite view spots around San Francisco – in particular from Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands.

Three years ago, there’s a post about a newly announced MasterCard Installment Card – a product that appears to have been stillborn and gone nowhere.

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