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I’ve been running Mac OS X Tiger for the last couple of months and have come to rely pretty very heavily on its new Spotlight search technology for finding things I’ve tucked away for ambiguous future reference. Prior to Tiger, I had no real viable way to find any of these things I’ve saved. Now, I can find them all — in fact, too many more often than not!

I’d like my personal Google to incorporate some of the features I like most about regular Google — correcting spelling mistakes, for example, would be a very nice option. Another would be a common syntax — I use the Google filetype option extensively on my web searches (something about searching for a PDF that seems to result in higher quality search results). Finally, an integrated combo search — Spotlight for the web integrate with Spotlight on the desktop — would be ideal.

But I’m definitely hooked on Spotlight. It’s turned into a very valuable information tool — “how did I live without it” kind of thing. Sometimes I wonder what its effect will be over time on my hard drive’s life — as it’s definitely kept busier trying to keep up with me!

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I used to be a lot more prcise in my filing. Is it age, larger hard drives, the Internet, or better things to do, I don’t know… but I have stuff all over the place. Search tools better improve (haven’t tried Spotlight yet) or I am in big trouble.

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