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Spotlight on Mac OS X Server?

I was thinking this morning about coupling a Mac Mini together with a Google Mini for a killer office file server with superb search capability. Then I got to thinking that I’d really prefer to shed the $2,000+ Google Mini cost in exchange for just being able to run Tiger’s new Spotlight feature on Mac OS X supporting file sharing clients.

Anybody got a creative way to do this? Seems like Apple’s got a market opportunity to turn Mac OS X Server into something very close to a Google Mini by exploiting Spotlight technology on the server platform?

One reply on “Spotlight on Mac OS X Server?”

In theory, it would be pretty easy to build the necessary web pages. The catch comes when you start looking at the security implications. If everyone in your office has access to all of the fileserver then there’s no issue – but if you want to make intelligent choices about what people have access to then it gets rather complicated rather quickly.
But all you need to do is have your web page call a shell script with the command “mdfind searchtext” and then format the returned paths… braindead simple.

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