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Tiger Balm

I installed Mac OS X Tiger yesterday on my Powerbook G4. So far, so good.

The performance of the system overall just feels “snappier”. Safari has an extra quick response now.

Dashboard is cool — we’ll have to see how useful it really is. I like the new Dictionary/Thesarus onboard. Spotlight is very nice — especially cool to have the new smart folders in Mail.

The UI of Mail is the only questionable aspect of Tiger for me. I liked the old interface – the bolding of mailbox names when there were new items, etc.

Had to clean up a mess in my iCal calendar – something I’ve been putting off. My calendar had entries back to 1998 which I’ve been carrying along since I migrated from Windows XP/Outlook 18 months ago. I used iCal’s export feature to save, year-by-year, from 1998 to 2004 — getting those entries permanently out of my iCal calendar. With those thousands of old entries gone, iCal’s working great.

John Saracusa’s written the definitive review of Mac OS X Tiger over on The Tiger Wiki is also a nice resource.