China Travel

Early Monday Morning

It’s now just a bit past 5 AM on Monday in Shanghai. I got about 7 hours sleep last night before waking a few minutes ago. Should be good enough to ward off jet lag today — we’ll see. In my experience, east to west is the easy part — it’ll be heading home on Friday that’ll be tougher on the body.

Remember that picture from last night with all of the lights, neon signs, etc.? Well, at some point during the night all, and I do mean ALL, of those neon lights and signs are shut off. I’m sitting here now looking out my hotel window at a sleeping city with just street lights and the rooftop strobes blinking out their warnings — with none of that neon glitz from last night. Fascinating.

By the way, Internet access from my hotel is serviceable — but certainly not high bandwidth. Hard to know, of course, where the narrow part of the fat pipe might be between here and the sites I read regularly.