A Bump on the Head

Turns out I had a basal cell carcinoma near the right temple area on my head.

I had first noticed a darker “mole” sometime around Thanksgiving and then, as we often do, started playing with it — which caused it to bleed, etc. When it basically failed to heal, it was time to go see the dermatologist — who took one look at it and said the odds were 90+ percent that it was a basal cell carcinoma.

Even though these are the most common form of skin cancers in humans, the words certainly had an impact! A quick slice off the top for a biopsy confirmed that diagnosis a week later.

On Thursday, I went in for the minor surgery to have it removed, my head sutured up, etc. With the bandage and all, I look like I’ve been in quite a fight! Hopefully, this is the end of it. I’ll find out more in a week when the stitches come out. Another reminder to use SPF30+ skin protection at those airshows!