Who Cares?

Maybe I’m just getting cynical in my old age?

Today’s example: I used to listen carefully to the speeches Bill Gates gave. Felt it was important to stay up to date on what he was thinking. No more. His CES keynote is available online — who cares? Would I read a Gates’ blog? How come he didn’t distribute his keynote as a podcast via IT Conversations like everyone else does?

Do I still watch Steve Jobs’ keynotes, you ask?

2 replies on “Who Cares?”

Rhetorical question, I know, but I actually look forward Steve’s presentations – he’s a great showman. Sometimes weak on content but he always generates excitement.
Bill, on the other hand, needs a personality transplant…

I have never met Bill Gates. Everyone says if you spend time with him, you realize he’s really smart. I’ve only ever seen him deliver keynotes at large conferences, and based on those data points I find it hard to believe he’s really that smart. He might be a decent programmer, and he might be a decent businessperson, but I honestly think he’s just a guy who was in the right place at the right time. Plus, early on he latched onto a key great thing, he hired other smart people.
On the other hand, if you’ve ever seen Stephen Hawking give a speech, it’s kind of painful. But yet when you read his books, he’s a delightful guy and clearly incredibly bright. So maybe public speaking isn’t a great yardstick. Stephen suffers from a debilitating disease, so what’s Bill’s excuse?
I think Jobs is great, BTW. Not only smart and a good businessperson, but a superior communicator. I’d pay to watch him read a telephone book.

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