Memories of DXing!

Doc writes about his obsession with DXing as he was growing up. I shared that delight — but from a different locale in the Buckeye state.

My favorites were WBZ in Boston, WLS in Chicago, and WHO in Des Moines. I remember listening to Dick Biondi and “Cousin” Bruce Morrow, in particular from the WLS days.

Closer to home, KDKA was always there along with KYW — both ‘weird’ aberrations of the FCC’s callsign issuing convention of stations east of the Mississippi beginning with “W” and west with “K”.White's Radio Log

Somewhere along the way, a came across a copy of White’s Radio Log. I remember it being bound into the back of one of the electronics magazines of the period.

White’s was a wonderful — listing every station on every AM frequency from 540 kHz all the way up the band. Some very impressive spots on the dial were held by the big clear channel stations — those listed above along with others like WLW in Cincinnati and KSL in Salt Lake City. I remember snagging KSL as my record haul while growing up in Ohio.

Update: Today, the FCC provides an online search of all the AM stations in the US and Canada – it’s the online equivalent of the old White’s Radio Log.

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I stumbled on your comments of 12/25/2004 on AM radio DXing. I too, discovered Whites Radio Log as a kid in 1967 and began radio DXing from my home in Columbus, IN. The log was in a magazine called Radio and TV News. I would underline each station I got. When I was much younger in 1963 I built a Heathkit AM radio and began listening to WBZ, KDKA, WLS, WCFL, and even WABC, which all had rock and roll formats then. I could go on and on. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

I remember in the late 60’s early 70’s I discovered AM Broadcast band DXing and came upon a copy of an electronics magazine and in it was Whites Radio Log a true gold mine I wish I had it today I remember sitting infront of my mom’s old Zenith tube table radio on cold winter nites tuning up and down the AM band looking for distant stations I was thrilled to death to finally log WOAI in San Antonio Texas on 1200 boy those were the days

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