The Right Attitude!

The San Francisco Chronicle’s great travel editor John Flinn shares his thoughts in today’s paper about vacations — and cellphones, PDA’s, laptops, etc.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the net result of all this is that we’re committing karoshi — we’re working ourselves to death. Health care studies consistently show that by failing to take time off we’re shortening our lives.

So listen to the good doctor’s advice. Force yourself to take that vacation. Leave your cell phone, PDA and fancy new wi-fi laptop at home. Wiggle your toes in the white sand of a Kauai beach. Listen to the trade breezes rustle the coconut palms. Feel the stress slide off your shoulders.

There, now — ain’t life truly grand?


In that spirit, here’s a new album of photos from a few days spent this weekend near Pacific Grove, California.