Current Affairs

Reflect and Respond

I’ve spent some time over the last two days reading the 9-11 Commission’s Final Report. It’s a most impressive document — and a real tribute to the Commission’s superb staff who — along with the oversight of the commissioners — created it. Most compelling reading!

One of the report’s footnotes pointed me to a discussion of Bin Laden and Islamic Terrorism (Islamism) by Mehdi Mozzafari (PDF) that really helped me understand the full nature of the enemy. Highly recommended!

It now seems vitally important to support the 9-11 commissioners as they try to push our legislators to act quickly on their recommendations. The timing couldn’t be worse in that regard — between summer recess and an abbreviated session prior to the election.

But this is very important work and our leaders truly need to show what they’re made of in dealing with it — vacations, elections, whatever other excuses might exist. It certainly seems like it’s one of those times to write letters and emails urging our representatives into taking prompt action. It’s like Spirit of America — but on the home front!