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Ramblings from the Road

Seeing John Patrick’s post from Oslo tonight reminded me of the wonderful visit to Norway we has two years ago — at this same time of year. I’ll never forget our days exploring Oslo and Bergen followed by the Midsummer celebration at our hotel along the Sognefjord — what a night!

We spent this weekend in Mendocino, exploring a bit of the northern California coast we’d not visited in a few years. A wonderful getaway it was! Some pictures from the trip are in the newly uploaded Stanford Inn and Navarro Vineyards photo albums.

Tonight I’m in Minneapolis on business — where outside it was a delightfully sunny and breezy midwestern day. I’m liking how high speed Internet access is becoming so pervasive at hotels these days. Would make a very nice adoption curve graph, I’m sure. The Stanford Inn in Mendocino has recently installed free wireless access in its rooms and my downtown major chain hotel tonight has STSN Ethernet — still being among those who charge extra ($9.95) for the service. Dial tone or web tone — both should be standard equipment!

Meanwhile, it’s good to read about some tentative optimism coming out of Silicon Valley in Gary Rivlin’s Silicon Valley (Version 2.0). Also, congratulations to Andrew Anker on his move back into the real world at Six Apart.