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Highly recommended!

We had dinner Friday evening at Kaygetsu, a recently opened Japanese restaurant off Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. The owners of Kaygetsu, Toshi and Keiko Sakuma, ran Toshi’s Sushiya on El Camino Real for nine years.

Tim Uy‘s posted a portion of a recent version of the Kaygetsu menu on his weblog. The Almanac has also posted a recent review: Beyond Sushi.

Tim’s menu posting doesn’t include the ala carte selections also available on the menu from which we ordered our meal — fried petrale sole (incredibly tasty!), grilled king crab legs (yum!), tempura moriawase (the rice cracker-coated prawns are superb!), sashimi (fresh!), etc. We ordered our ala carte entrees and ate family style — sharing all of the entrees. Kaygetsu also has a cozy six seat sushi bar that was nearly fully occupied during our early (5:30 PM) dinner!

Kaygetsu can be thought of as having three “tracks” at dinner — you can do sushi (at the bar or at your table), you can order ala carte (as we did), or you can order one of the two multi-course omakase menu’s. We had a superb dinner with our ala carte family style choices. Next time, who knows — we might upgrade or downgrade depending on our mood! There’s no doubt about it — we expect to be back many more times!