More Identity

Some notes from a conversation about identity at this week’s PC Forum. It shouldn’t be this hard!

Meanwhile, out in the real world a couple of identity-related trends are worth watching. For example, Digital Persona just announced 3.0 of its “total password automation solution“. What’s this thing do? Basically, it allows you to use your finger as your proxy for managing the over 100 passwords that Andre talks about.

But most of us don’t spent every waking hour at our desktops right next to our Digital Persona reader. Pay by Touch, a San Francisco-based startup, is pursuing a similar strategy out in the real world — allowing you to use your finger as your proxy for your wallet. If you’re out jogging without your wallet and need a bottle of water for the run home, you’re set — if you’re enrolled in Pay by Touch and your local grocer has signed up for the program.

Will it be biometrics that provide enough incremental value to drive the next round of identity management applications?