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Land of Opportunity

Daniel Pink reports in Wired about migration of tech jobs to India.

What begins to seep through their well-tiled arguments about quality, efficiency, and optimization is a view that Americans, who have long celebrated the sweetness of dynamic capitalism, must get used to the concept that it works for non-Americans, too.

Brings back memories of my younger days at IBM which had a huge focus on hiring locals in each of the countries in which it did business outside the US. To me, a young American, it seemed odd — wasn’t IBM an American company (even with that “International” in its name)? Yet over and over again during my IBM career the benefits of hiring local were demonstrated. (There’s a story about IBM and India that also deserves to be told — but that’s for another time).

Is globalization dragging America down to the quality of life elsewhere — or is globalization pulling everyone else up in the opposite direction?