Managing Worms and Internal Security Threats

I had to chuckle when I finished reading the article titled Managing Worms and Internal Security Threats” posted by Chris McNab on the O’Reilly Weblogs site. He says:

This type of network is infintely more resilient to worm attack, as the total number of Windows servers / workstations to patch is significantly reduced, and incidents, if they do occur, are easily contained and managed in line with a strong incident response plan.

I think we’ll be seeing a lot more simplicity within internal networks like this, in the name of security and protection from worms.

My chuckle is the result of getting to be too old. The kind of network advocated by Chris is essentially the old IBM 3270 green screen environment of the 1970’s.

What goes around, comes around! We live to repeat it.

One reply on “Managing Worms and Internal Security Threats”

“rolled out Wyse Thin Client Terminals to replace all user desktops at each of their 30 offices.”
Sounds like they threw out the baby with the bath water. I wonder what they replaced the laptops and mobiles with. Probably just banned them in favor of ‘infinitely more resilient’.

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