Robert Rubin on the US economy

Some alarming words last night on NewsHour from former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin:

PAUL SOLMAN: So when you talk about the ’90s, when you were in the administration, as a period of a virtuous circle, where lower deficits led to more confidence, lower interest rates and so forth, you were concerned about this famous vicious circle, I take it, of higher interest rates, lower confidence and so forth?

ROBERT RUBIN: Yes, I’m very concerned about it, Paul. I think the probability that the course that we are now on, the fiscal course that we are now on is going to lead to serious trouble is exceedingly high.

PAUL SOLMAN: 70 percent? 80 percent?

ROBERT RUBIN: No, I think it’s probably materially higher than that unless it’s repaired, but the trouble is the repair of it is going to be very difficult. Alan Greenspan said about a week or two ago that our future depended on fixing it.

Rubin has a new book out: In an Uncertain World.

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