Visiting Loftesnes, Norway

I recently took one of those “vacations of a lifetime” to Norway.

Turns out my great grandfather immigrated to the US in the mid-1800’s. He with his family left a place named Loftesnes on the big Sognefjord in Norway.

Sometime after immigrating to the US, a second ‘s’ was added to our last name — probably to “English-ize” it.

loftesnes norway
Loftesnes, Norway

In the photo at right (courtesy of the Hofslund Fjord Hotel), I’ve labeled Loftesnes which is just across the bridge from the town of Sogndal.

The hotel itself, where I stayed on the journey, is right on the fjord and has a beautiful overlook of the fjord to the south/southwest.

Once you’ve seen this place, you wonder how one could ever leave! Of course, life was very different there 150 years ago — and the new frontier of America called…

I wonder what my family’s first July 4th was like in their new country?

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Hi Scott- I enjoyed the article even though I read it 9 years after being printed. I’m pretty sure we are related as our family came from Norway, settled in the Sioux Falls area and added the extra S to their name and then dropped it when moving to North Dakota.

Hi Scott, I spent a year at school in Sogndal, based at the youth hostel beside Loftesnes Bridge. 2 of my teachers were Finn and Kari Loftesnes. Great people in an amazing place! I believe that Finn still teaches nature photography at the school

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