In the White House – April 2001

Scott Loftesness at the White House

Not sure why I was browsing through some old photographs earlier tonight – but while doing so I came across this shot of me in the White House Briefing Room on April 12, 2001. We were there thanks to my Glenbrook co-founder Allen Weinberg’s connections with a senior White House correspondent while we were in Washington with our first -ever- client.

Those were the days before 9/11 – and we came into the White House late in the afternoon for an escorted look around. It was amazing. I almost walked into the Oval Office with my camera – before being politely shoo’d away back down the hallway. I’m sure things are very different now.

It’s fun to remember that time – a much more innocent and open time it was. Me in my short sleeve shirt standing in the White House Briefing Room.

Who would have thought?