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When the Risk Takers Come

When the risk takers come into their own – John Cook writes in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Despite the uncertainty in the current economic environment, a number of entrepreneurs and VC investors are convinced that now is an auspicious time to start a new venture.

Notes one VC: “Only good sailors go out in stormy seas. The teams and the people who are willing to head out with a new enterprise right now are good people to invest in.”

In fact, some investors point out that three current technology behemoths˜Oracle, Microsoft, Sun˜were all started during a down technology cycle. The article includes a review of potential advantages for a business started during an economic downturn (e.g. less competition, greater access to intellectual capital).

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Why Writers Enjoy Living in the San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Chronicle has a great article in its Sunday magazine about why writers enjoy living in the San Francisco Bay Area.


For those of you thinking

For those of you thinking of buying some network gear, you may want to take advantage of’s mainland U.S. free shipping over for orders over $99 (read restrictions). Yes, there are lots of provisos, so read the list carefully.’s prices are competitive or better for all of the cheap home gateways that they offer; I just updated that page to include links to and for items that either or both store sell directly.

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In the White House – April 2001

Scott Loftesness at the White House

Not sure why I was browsing through some old photographs earlier tonight – but while doing so I came across this shot of me in the White House Briefing Room on April 12, 2001. We were there thanks to my Glenbrook co-founder Allen Weinberg’s connections with a senior White House correspondent while we were in Washington with our first -ever- client.

Those were the days before 9/11 – and we came into the White House late in the afternoon for an escorted look around. It was amazing. I almost walked into the Oval Office with my camera – before being politely shoo’d away back down the hallway. I’m sure things are very different now.

It’s fun to remember that time – a much more innocent and open time it was. Me in my short sleeve shirt standing in the White House Briefing Room.

Who would have thought?