With the explosion in spam,

With the explosion in spam, it sure seems like the time is right to provide a spam filter based upon neural net technology. Too bad this version is only for Unix geeks. What’s needed is a version that plugs into Microsoft Outlook and does the work on the client desktop.

Save your spam — you may want it to train your own personal neural net!

I guess the question for a developer is whether spending any energy on this opportunity is worth the effort? In other words, how to make money? Sure seems like it’s a classic situation where whatever you do Microsoft will eventually do something similar or maybe just a little bit better, bundle it in the next version of Office, and wipe out the market.

Bill Gordon created the design

Bill Gordon created the design for the Arecibo radiotelescope.

“I still think it’s a dream, sometimes, until I look at it,” he said. “But then, I think I know how dreams become reality. Through engineers.”