February 2, 2021

Reading the Chronology in the new Library of America volume Hemingway brought back to my mind the walk up he and his wife at the time moved into in Paris in 1922. I was first introduced to it on my first photo walk in Paris with Valerie Jardin and have since walked past it many times as it’s near where I usually stay in Paris. Fond memories!

I’m looking forward to the upcoming PBS special on Hemingway produced by Ken Burns airing in early April.

February 1, 2021

What am I doing now? I recently added a /now page to my site:

After reading Craig Mod’s tweet about Microsoft Edge, I decided to download and try Edge on one of my Macs. He’s right – it’s impressive. Years ago I guess I’d written off any browser effort by Microsoft – but they’re really up to something good here.

How about you? What are you doing now? Please drop me a note and share!

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