Point Reyes and Tomales Bay Photo Workshop

[Update – 9/4/10: Most of my Point Reyes workshop photos are in this set on Flickr.]

I’m just back from a weekend photo workshop at Point Reyes.

Perhaps the most unusual shot of the weekend is this one – shot looking into a window of the West Bunkhouse at Pierce Point Ranch on Point Reyes. The window on the right is on the other side of the bunkhouse – by holding my camera carefully, I was able to shoot both that window as well as capture the reflected image of the creamery building. The unusual black shape around the window is the sunshade from my camera’s lens! Shot using my Canon 5D Mark II using a Canon 24-105mm f/4.0 IS lens.


The photo workshop was led by Dave Wyman and Ken Rockwell. About a dozen of us spent two intense days photographing Tomales Bay, Point Reyes and environs – some great fun and challenging photography!

For a great tour description of the Point Reyes area, be sure to read the Point Reyes series of posts by Margaret Husband (with photos by Tom) on their excellent California Travels blog.

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  1. Don, understand. Blew me away when I looked at the LCD on my camera after shooting a preliminary shot.
    As you’ve figured out, I was shooting through an exterior 12 pane window on the other side of the bunkhouse – at the other window on the other side of the bunkhouse. My camera was at about a 40 degree angle up against a pane of glass. The creamery barn (to the left side) “leaked” into the phone because of my angle. I had a high enough f-stop so that both were actually in focus.
    Pretty amazing!

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